Rooms’ Rates


Suites: $550 for 1 or 2days, $750 for 3 days,1500/week, 3000/month.

Full payment required 30 days in advance, cancellations will receive full deposit when declared 30 days in advance. Cancellations must be made month in advance. Personal checks are accepted in advance. In addition, paypal payment  to Tenant is responsible for any service charges associated with choice of payment. Per room there is a $40 cleaning fee, 11% Santa Cruz transient tax, $200 security deposit, $1.75 Santa cruz TMT- all may be paid in cash, or cashier at checkin or ahead of time on paypal with appropriate service fee.

Check-in is 4pm, check-out is 11am. When possible, we will accommodate late check out and early check in. Parking is onsite and free during your stay. We will provide extended parking for your arrival and departure days when able. We do not accommodate children or pets.